Thursday, August 19, 2010

Granville Public Market-bigger and better than Pike Place!

We took the Aquabus-water taxi across and down the channel

More pics from Vancouver 25th Anniversary Trip

I had to check out Lees Donuts-I got donut holes,
so I could try more flavors...all yummy!

Long Time

So it's been a crazy-busy past few months! Is there ever a time that my life isn't crazy busy?? Don't think her goes the recap...then I will go back and expand on the events with more pictures and details later... hopefully...
June 1st we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary-that weekend we went up to Vancouver to spend a few days reminiscing about our honeymoon and how crazy young and in love we were when we got married--back then we took the Princess Margariete Ship up to Victoria and then went to Vancouver for a few days. This year we went to Langley and then stayed a night in downtown Vancouver.
Our beautiful view from the 19th floor balcony in Downtown Vancouver

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday Last day of our Cruise...

So Thursday was the last full day of our cruise, the "fun day at sea" according to our Funship Times-Itinerary! We basically laid out in the sun, working on our tans, aka sunburns.. and ate as much of the unlimited soft ice cream/frozen yogurt, yummy food at the Paris all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, and got as many refills as I could drink on my "unlimited- $30 soda pop card". We also watched the cool ice carving demo. It started out as a 300lb block of ice and ended up as a native american chief. Later that night we took a few photos, joined our table group for one last time in the Destiny Dining Room and then let the girls go dancing at the T-Rex Club, again ;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Evening-

When we got back to the ship we enjoyed the mexican port sunset from the back of the ship.  Then can you believe they had a "late night Mexican Buffet?" It started at 11pm and went till 1am and everything was so yummy and I wish I could have eaten MORE!. The Paris buffet restaurant was full of yummy food, fancy decadent desserts, food sculptures, and even an ice sculpture!

More from our day in Ensenada

We took our time heading back to the ship, and had fun taking lots of random photos along the way--

Ensenada--more day trip pics

After we got dropped off by the tour bus in the "very safe" part of town, ie: one block up from the cruise ship dock, we decided to eat Mexican food at a "real" mexican food restaurant. Kelsey wanted to eat from an "authentic" taco cart on the street, but I said "no way." I really didn't want our "fun day at sea" to be, well let's just say...not so fun... so we settled for the sit down restaurant, that really wasn't that good, along with soda to drink (no tap water allowed either). After lunch we headed across the street to "SWEETBERRY" and the 3 of us split a berry yummy frozen yogurt topped with "Fruity Pebbles".
Then we took a walk around the block and picked up a couple more souvenirs.

Wednesday, Ensenada Mexico

We were welcomed to Mexico by a GI-NORMOUS Mexican flag and so we left the ship by way of the "gangway" but this time onto the pier/port since we had booked a "shore excursion"  to "La Bufadora--the Blow-hole"  (said with an accent of course!) One of only 3 natural blowholes in the world...and a shopping trip to an authentic open-air flea market. We took a tour type bus with a tour guide named "Sunshine" to La Bufadora, about 45 mins outside of Ensenada, where we checked out the spray from the blowhole, had a few authentic photo ops, and then had 45 mins to bargain shop before boarding the bus.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catalina Island

On Tuesday morning we crossed the "Gangway" and boarded a "tender boat" to head over to Catalina Island.   It was really cool because we watched some Parasailers just off the ship as we headed over to check out the Pier, Marina and a few souvenir Shops.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break Cruise-April 2010

Over Spring Break, Kelsey, Catherine (her Bestie) and I went on a Carnival Funship Cruise for Kelsey's early graduation present! Our ship was aptly named "PARADISE"! We left from the Queen Mary port at Long Beach Calif, with a stop off at Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico and a "fun day at sea" (which really means get a sunburn while you still can, cuz your heading home to gray skies tomorrow!)
Here are just a few highlights, since we took a few hundred pics!